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The joy of sport

So it’s regional athletics today, so my Daily Organiser brain gets hurt. Three PE teachers out, plus the PE student teacher at the athletics day, with 30-odd students. I love staff-student ratios when the carnival organisers expect schools to provide all the organising staff as well.

It’s also the start of the Year 8 Premier League, so that nightmare of school organisation is upon me as well. Last week saw 9 teaching staff out for 60 students. Could have been worse, I suppose but only 1 class was collapsed out of 11 homerooms.

Anyone out there who reads this and has experiences in their own school as to how these are run, I’d love to hear from you.

Back again

So, 2014’s Production is over, as is 12 months since the last post here!

In the mean time, I’ve taken over as Daily Organiser and Timetabler and my boys are now 2 & 4.

One of my pet projects coming up soon is going to be producing a series of short videos for parents with limited English skills. These videos, featuring students with different language backgrounds will cover issues such as Access to Homework, Literacy Basics, Uniform Policy, etc.

There’ll also be a timetable to write, when the POL positions are filled early next term.

And no VET class this year means not dealing with VCE/VET requirements, which is nice.