Archive | February 2015

Timetabling and Daily Organiser Matters

Now that the year has gotten underway, I can update here. The timetable is done, redone and revised, the Yard Duty Roster is done (with permanent changes being made by individual staff on a weekly basis…) and the staff absences are starting to build up. Year 7 camps start next week, along with Year 7 retreats. Swimming Carnival is over and no more whole-college events for the term.

I’ve started a Facebook group for DOs and Timetablers to be able to share questions, tips, hacks, etc. if you’re interested in joining. It’s a restricted group, so only members can see posts made to the group.

I’m also going to make some tutorial videos for various features of the Timetabling Solutions “Timetabler” software that cover some basic tasks and some extra features that I wasn’t shown when I took on the role.

I’ve also developed some (I think) nifty little utilities in Microsoft Access that can modify/analyse/utilise the data files in ways that the software can’t or won’t.