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Well, I had my mind blown last week by the boys from SUADE (, a modern barbershop quartet. I don’t want to give too much of their ‘secret’ away (though they graciously shared one with us) but the way they’re integrating technology with live performance was astounding. In practice and on the day, it aims to be a simple process that they’re running, though having seen the background work that went in to it, I’m still in a spin.

I’m now planning to start something like this at school, though on a much simpler scale, as a way to get some of the more contemporary students into the department by choice.

At this stage, I’m planning to start with some simple things like loops played through Ableton Live, mixed with some beatboxing (also looped). I’ll also plug in a guitar pedal for some basic Wah effects and I’m keen to try the Reason demo that I’ve just installed and which I had a quick play with at MTEC. I’m interested in what can be done with a keyboard and their version of autotune.

I have QR codes created to link to youtube videos giving a quick overview of the project. Lets see how many of the kids actually follow them up!